Growing up,  I spent the ages of 17-29 with many health issues. In and out of the hospital, more ER visits then I can count, all of my hair fell out, body covered  in open sores, gained weight, lost weight, and at one point I had 5 different doctors and was on 5 different medications.  Let’s just say things started spiraling out of control.  I was sick so often that it became my new normal and I became a pro at hiding  it.  This back and forth made me super depressed and I had the worst anxiety that resulted in me becoming a workaholic to numb the pain. I would go through phases where I would feel fine for about 5 months and then I would get extremely sick for 3 months (omg, it was exhausting). March 2017, I noticed some of my symptoms started coming back.  I never had a doctor who could really pin point what was wrong with me. With every visit they would just write me a new prescription and send me on my way.  But I’ll never  forget my last appointment when my doctor told me “Ms. Jeffers, we have done everything. I have no idea what else to do.”  Those words sounded like a death sentence. So he sent me to a homeopathic doctor who recommended I go vegan for 2 weeks. 


Let’s just  say I was not feeling it!! But June 2017 I decided that I did not want to live with the pain and decided to take control of my own life.   I went Vegan...  I was off all of my medication in 4 months. My anxiety went away.  I lost 55lbs.  I have so much energy. This entire time I thought this journey  was about me, but many have gone on this journey with me.  It took me until the 9th month to realize  that this wasn’t about me at all. God showed me that the purpose for all the pain, all the illness and suffering was so that I could get to this moment and help everyone else live their Healthiest Life!! It’s so overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  


I get so much joy out of helping you guys make better decisions as it pertains to your health. So I’m happy to say that this is MY new life.  This also birthed my  new brand “Veganish”. The Vegan Lifestyle can be very overwhelming for the average person, so  I decided to come up with a word that can be a little more trendy and easier to digest. It also is an identity for the people in the middle(that grey area).  Everyone's journey to Vegan is very different, some people have no idea where to start, some do it for the animals, some do it for their health, and some are just curious. Wherever your journey starts, the Veganish family is here to guide you, support you, and educate you along the way. I 100% believe that you can be Vegan 60-70% of your week and live a healthier life from the inside out. I’m grateful and so blessed for all the people who have encouraged me through my journey. To all the people who are new to this lifestyle, welcome  to the party!!! Love, #TheVeganChef